Ten years of children’s smiles: the preschool institution “Sunichka” celebrated its anniversary



The window is still August, but the fall is already on the threshold. On the eve of September 1, the “Sunichka” garden celebrates its birthday – its first jubilee. 10 years, as if for a moment, flew for local teachers and small inconvenience. And again, as for the first time, the charming hut opens its doors for the Bokhnvchans and their little ones who fall into the fairy-tale, where a caring team that always struggles to create a happy childhood in “Sunichitsa” always expects.

10 years is a very long journey and, at the same time, a small story that everyone who works at this institution has done. “Sunichka” has started working in the distant 2007 year. The fairy-tale palace settled in the former dining room, but despite this, it became an ornament of the village. How did it all begin? Two weeks before the New Year, the PP still finds UAH 10,000 … it was a drop, but with the help of the benefactors and the Bohnych people, in the last six months of the year, I made a great dream come true.

The very “Sunichka” for the past 10 years has blossomed to the unknown, and now pleases children and their parents with modern, cozy and warm rooms, comfortable furniture, a fabulous children’s playground. For children here have created wonderful conditions. Moms can be calm for their babies.

A lot of interesting things were during this time, many pupils came out of these walls – the first graduates are already graduating from school. However, the greatest pride of the institution is its employees. There are only five of them. They warm their children’s souls with their care, lead the world to an interesting and beautiful, and this is enough of love for each child.

It was a real birthday, of course, with gifts … In order to provide the children with a full-time stay in the institution, the charity organization Kolmogaler family fund contributed to the repair and construction of the garden.

And how is it different. At the birthday party was kind of cozy, fun and joyful. The pupils celebrated their first anniversary in a close circle of friends. Many nouns greet the guests. Among them there were philanthropists who constantly help the institution and respond to any questions, because they understand all the problems of the preschool.

The pupils themselves, touchingly and kindly showing everything they learned in their second home, sang, danced, and spoke the verses. It was nice to see the happy faces of those for whom the walls of the garden at different times were relatives, who opened the garden, who gave the particle of their heart and soul to the preschool institution.

The Great Lamb was the final chord of the feast. Holidays for children’s smiles and the best life span – careless childhood.

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