Vladislav Zaremba Music Festival Unites the Most Talented Young Singers of Ukraine

Already, eighth in Khmelnitsky, the most famous compositions of the most talented young singers of Ukraine are heard. And this means that the traditional music festival, which bears the name of the famous composer Vladislav Zaremba, is in full swing. Maestro was born in the small town of Dunaivtsi in the Khmelnytsky region and dedicated his entire life to music. The author of songs and romances, to the word, which is performed not only in Ukrainian, in addition to his talent, he developed it in others, at one time teaching piano and choral singing. Nowadays his name is called not only a music college in the regional center, but also an all-Ukrainian music festival.

Competitions of this magnitude each time bring together hundreds of talented children from all over the country. 13-year-old Artem came from Volyn region. She has been engaged in vocal for 5 years, but, for the first time, she says, at such a large-scale festival. He confesses he never thought he would sing on stage before.

Let’s also get acquainted with the alumnus of the Zaremba Svetlana College of Music. The girl says she has been vocal since the age of 5 and has attended many festivals and competitions during this time, but admits she is special.

In addition to the young talents, an important component of the festival is the venerable names of the jury. This time, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Grand Prix of the International Vocal Competition in Paris, Valery Boymister, came to preside from Kiev. He says it’s hard to pick a winner because all the kids are definitely gifted. Experts are also pleasantly surprised that this year the lion’s share of songs that are being performed on stage are performed in Ukrainian. They also shared the criteria by which they choose their favorites.

Two days of fruitful work and diligence of all competitors – and here is the result. Awarded winners in several age categories. The children received not only cups and certificates but also invaluable experience and recognition of eminent specialists in this field. However, only one winner – Oleg Prokopyshen – managed to win the coveted Grand Prix nomination. He came to us from Kamianets-Podilskyi. The guy from the win, he admits, is still impressed.

In addition to the triumph, the vocalist also received a gift from the Kolgofer Family Foundation. It is not the first time that they are joining in such an action and they are celebrating their young talents. This time the winner got a brand new TV.

Despite the scale of the competition this time, its organizers assured that the achievements will not stop and develop the musical business in the future, not only to find real “diamonds”, but also to popularize Ukrainian culture far beyond our country.


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