As at Shrubkov, the day of the village was celebrated with fun songs and inflammatory dances

Folk Ukrainian songs, funny scenes and inflammatory dances were held by the residents of the village of Shrubkov, Letichevsk district. Celebrate the birthday of the village already one year in a row. The residents gather solemnly in the local House of Culture to honor the important historical event of the region.


The tradition of celebrating was restored only a few years ago. And not for nothing. After all, there is now a vivid reason to return to our homes again. The village has been integrated into a united territorial community for 4 years already. People note: the leaders have already started making roads, water, improving amenities and considering each villagers’ opinion. During this time a lot has been done, but on the achieved, they say, do not stop.


However, the development of the community would not be complete without the support and assistance of the benefactors who remember about the people of Shrubkov, and not only on holidays. After all, for any progress, a push is needed, and friendly and sincere support is never superfluous. The best friends of all the village dwellers is not the first year of the charitable organization “Kolmogaler Family Foundation”, which makes a lot of effort to create the well-being of the inhabitants of this place. Assist not by word, but by deed.


Afterwards singing and dancing was not without sweet surprises from the benefactors. Also, the villagers cooked a fragrant soup in a real Ukrainian cauldron. People danced, rejoiced and thanked for the opportunity to gather and enjoy such a festive event.


Thanks to the newly established territorial community, villagers themselves decide where they spend, and they care about the development of their territory thanks to those who inspire and help in all their plans.


There are plenty of plans for the future, and joint efforts are going to be implemented in the near future.


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