Humorous, fun and festive: the 110th anniversary of Letichev’s work was marked by the gymnasium

The days at Letychiv were surprisingly noisy, fun and festive. So the 110th anniversary of its work was celebrated by the main local school. In honor of the jubilee and its dedicated workers in a small town, a real celebration with dancing, singing and the river of sincere wishes unfolded. In Letichev, a former county town, in 1909 the first gymnasium was backtracked. By the way, even earlier this house was an alcoholic plant. Due to the small size of the room, the classroom was then carried out in two shifts. Of course, the formation of children of ordinary residents was inaccessible – only the descendants of high-ranking ranks studied here. In addition to celebrating such a landmark date, they are now celebrating another jubilee. As it turned out, the current status of the gymnasium institution was not always worn. Since 1967 it was secondary school number 2 in the city of Letychiv, but joint efforts of students and teachers still managed to return the proud title of the gymnasium. At present, 523 schoolchildren from grades 1 to 11 are trained in an educational institution, trained by a very powerful and creative pedagogical staff. Accordingly, it is formed by 56 teachers. The main celebration took place in the walls of the local House of Culture. Not only the words of greetings and wishes, but also melodies of various concert numbers sounded. The celebrations were joined by both an adult and an adult generation. Recognized, prepared carefully and in advance. To celebrate solemn moments, a lot of guests came to the festive concert almost from all over Ukraine. One such is Mikhail Marcynyak. A man has headed one of the schools of Lviv for 33 years. Therefore, from his own experience, he wishes to take this anniversary only as a small part of the great history. Many friends, philanthropists and patrons visited the celebration, from which, in addition to sincere words and positive emotions, the jubilee also received a lot of gifts. The Charitable Organization Fund of the Family of Colgopher, who for many years worked closely with the gymnasium for many years, did not stand aside. The school is one of the best periods in every person’s life. The first knowledge, skills, the first experienced sincere feelings and emotions – all of this we get in the native walls of the educational institution. Thanks to the teachers who give their students a particle of their heart and invaluable experience, we are living in decent people. So, having celebrated its 110th anniversary, the Letychiv gymnasium returns to the usual school life, so that in more than a dozen years, again, meet with those for whom its walls became native.

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