We do good for the sake of peace: the results of a children’s drawing contest from the Colgofer Family Foundation

They are shaping the future of our country. Children are our greatest treasure, our inspiration, the source of our smiles and hopes. That is why giving them a happy and carefree childhood is our direct responsibility. On June 1, the International Day for the Protection of Children, a holiday for the little ones, unfolded at the Shevchenko cinema.

Performances of children’s groups, singing and competitions, vivid emotions and gifts – all this was more than enough. Each toddler was able to find for themselves entertainment for the soul. Toddlers and their parents are here now to spend the first summer day unforgettably and give a start to the fabulous warm time ahead.

Many young talents were the pupils of the creative Workshop of the Stars, headed by Andrey Klimenko. He is convinced that such measures once again help to develop the abilities of young people and give confidence in their own abilities.

He says, however, without this charitable support, even this project might just be a dream come true. Permanent companions of children and reliable partners are the charitable organization “Kolgofer Family Foundation”.

This day, the benefactors also did not stay away. So, right from the stage in the very center of Khmelnitsky awarded the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition “Let’s do good for peace”, which is organized annually. Each time, this competition brings together a talented kid from every corner of our country, each time striking with its scope and pomp. In particular, Ukraine’s record was even set in recent years – the best works have created the outlines of our country! And in general, it helps children create.

This year, in the midst of regional celebrations, the winners received their awards and presents in front of a crowd of interested Khmelnitsky people in a solemn and festive atmosphere. They had the opportunity to feel like real stars and, most importantly, get the unforgettable impression of a victory they could win for their own abilities.

In order to participate, you had to send a prose piece about love, friendship, support, kindness or anything, as well as a drawing – how good the eyes of a kid look. Like every year, about a thousand works have been submitted to the Kolgofer Family Foundation, but the 17 strongest have won. One of the lucky ones was 10-year-old Snizhana from Letichev. For a girl with a difficult fate, this victory was another push to create.

By the end of June, a creative collection of winners will be released by the end of June. Like every year, the competition has its creative inspiration. In recent years, they have already become talented singers – Zlata Ognevich and Tonya Matvienko. This time he became our countryman, a famous singer, People’s Artist of Ukraine Alexander Ponomaryov.

In addition, the regional jury of culture, nationalities and religions joined the creative jury of the competition. Convinced, similar artistic events give Khmelnytskyi an opportunity to become really known throughout Ukraine and even beyond its borders.

Also during the holiday everyone could get a free sweet hotel from the charitable organization “Kolgofer Family Foundation” – delicious ice cream. Khmelnytskyi treat and thank for the sweet joys.

The Kolgofer Family Foundation charity always meets the creative endeavors of young Khmelnytsky youth and children from all over Ukraine. They believe that it will be able to change the future of the entire nation, and most importantly, empathize and live with it every day. So, we encourage you too – love the children, take care of the baby, inspire them and inspire them. And with your good and happy little eyes, the world is getting better.

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