Teachers do not change anything: Ukraine celebrates Education Worker’s Day

Elena Mikhailovna is a striking example of a person who considers his work a soul call. She shares, school is the place where she finds inspiration and gives herself a piece of herself every day.

It is a pity, however, only once a year do we fully honor our mentors. This year, Education Day falls on October 6th. However, most schools welcome their teachers the day before. 15 Lyceums are no exception.

Already on the threshold of the school there is a festive atmosphere. Colorful balls, lots of smiles, happy eyes – today is definitely not an easy school day. Pupils from the youngest to the oldest thank those who, over the years, have become not just a teacher for them, but a valuable mentor and best friend.

Not only words greeted the children of their teachers. Most of them made small surprises for their teachers, which brought them to tears.

The teachers themselves share, they love their work. It is said to be an inexhaustible source of energy and inspiration, even when you have spent much of your life at school.

Alexander has only recently stepped onto the teaching trail. He has completed a small part of the male component of the team, and says he is sure that this is his calling.

The mayor joined in the greetings and presented “helpful” thanks.

But should holiday gifts be considered a ploy by teachers? Ms. Svetlana is convinced – no, to be honest.

So accept our sincere congratulations. It is so important, and at the same time, extremely difficult and responsible – to give knowledge and to prepare young people for the sometimes difficult but beautiful life.

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