Malche showed his talents on the qualifying casting of “The First Theater Academy”

Future actors of the theater and cinema, artists who are only at the start of their creative journey. They sang, danced, recited verses and showed parodies – all in order to get to the “The First Theater Academy.” For the Khmelnytskyi children have a real casting. And the jury included recognized experts in theatrical art, which almost at first glance can understand the direction in which the child needs to move on.

The selection was made so that the child could show all that knows and knows what he is proud of. Perhaps, as long as it was not possible for everyone – some still do not speak all the letters – that academy is for that and called, so that every gift was not wasted in vain, but only developed further.

Unlike Soviet-era groups that teach one-sidedly, the Academy’s concept is new and original. The project involves the comprehensive development of the creative personality with a bias, of course, for acting skills.

And while some people made their first attempts to conquer the scene and demonstrated the skill to actress skills before the professionals, others noticed nervously behind the scenes, because the desire to study here – indescribable.

Young and ambitious. The intention to develop one’s own personality needs to be nourished even lesser, therefore Khmelnitsky regional scientific-methodical center of culture and art and introduces innovations in order to educate a worthy generation for the future of Ukraine. However, they argue that organizing the process would not have been possible without the help of caring.

Joint forces for youth development. Talents that you can not miss – today they are here. Everyone was struck by his personality: one was humorous, and some people almost felt tired …

By the way, this is the second one realized by the scientific center in conjunction with the Charitable Foundation Kolmogaler’s plan. “Workshop of stars” – a project that has been successfully operating for over six months. And his students for such a short period of time already have something to be proud of

Happy children are the joy and pride of our parents. We have witnessed the cohesiveness of the young talents, from which not only songs, but the notes of joy were heard.

The experience of the first project gave rise to the following intentions. So, about fifty children came to speak about themselves on the casting of the theater academy.


Direct and open, full of vibrant emotions and inspiration to move on. Children are a future, and their development, of course, needs to be promoted. And whoever will do this, if not adults, who believe in them and are proud of their achievements.

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