The Khmelnytskyi Theater Day was marked by the premiere

Cinematography, radio, television – all this has become an integral part of the life of any person. However, before the advent of modern technologies, the society invented the way of entertainment, and at the same time the opportunity to develop is a theater. Comedies, drama, political satire – what is familiar to everyone, is embodied in front of the viewer livefully, conveying all the excitement and joy.


March 27 the whole world celebrates the theater day. And on the eve of the holiday in the walls of the Strytskyi Music and Drama Theater there was a great premiere of the English comedy “Crazy Night, or No. 13”, the creator of which is the playwright Ray Cahni. And directed – a young producer from Lutsk.

 The story unfolds around a British politician who decided to “have a nice and fun time” with the secretary of his opponent, but got into an unpleasant situation. The main purpose of the play is to show that despite the status, we are all humans, and the trouble can happen to everyone. The role of Richard Zhully, the main character, is performed by Igor Storozhuk, People’s Artist from Khmelnitsky. The man gave the theater 35 years of his life, and during this period tried himself in a variety of roles.

 The premiere of the performance assembled a full audience. The Khmelnytsky people are divided, in the 21st century the stage art still remains relevant, because it is alive and genuine.

 Supports the dramatic art and charity fund of the Kolmogaler family, which always contribute to the development of culture in the city.

Nikolai Gogol once said: “The theater is a department in which many different things can be said.” After all, each performance carries in itself a certain not only entertaining, but also instructive content, disturbed life’s problems, it makes you think about yourself and your actions. Develop and join beautiful and you!

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