Bright Easter festival in Vinkivtsi

Spring is the time when nature comes to life. And reviving life is a symbol of Easter. This Sunday, all believers celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. Traditionally, they celebrate three days. It was on the last day of Easter that the bells called the inhabitants of the district on the square in Vinkivtsi. Of the 18 settlements, the peasants came, and Easter food was brought with them. In these tents - the result of the efforts of Ukrainian mistresses. They were preparing to decorate the guests and surprise the jury. After all, both dishes and decoration are components of the "Easter Bells" competition.

At the tables, not only the efforts of the hostesses, but also the ancient customs of Ukrainian cuisine are adorned.

At the holiday, which gathered almost all the inhabitants of Vinkovetsky district, representatives of the Charity Fund "Family of Collofer" also visited. After all, philanthropists never stand aside the measures that plunder the community and help to revive the original traditions.

In addition to designing tents and festive tables, the jury evaluated the integral attribute of Easter - the Easter basket.

The lesson was found even for the youngest inhabitants of the district. An open-air art studio was organized on the square. On the easels, young Picasso and Rembrandt tried to draw on the pictures. And at this time, a gift from the benefactors is already waiting for each of them at the scene.

The scale of the festival has crossed the boundary of the local, because creative collectives from different regions of our region gathered here. Holiday in full swing.

Indeed, not only the sunny weather created a mood. Sweet gifts from the benefactors have become a great pleasure for the guests - both adults and small ones. It was simply impossible to find someone without a snow-white pencil in his hands. The taste of childhood flooded the whole square.

The surprises from the family of benefactors did not end there. In addition to the sweet gifts the fund has prepared and practical, they have received prize winners for the best design of tents and Easter baskets.

And for the Easter painting, each of the young artists received a gift from the benefactors. After all, they constantly support children's creativity and are the founders of nationwide drawings contests.

The festival in Vynkivtsi was a wonderful completion of Easter holidays. Participants were able to recreate the ancient traditions. In each picture, a song, a basket or an embroidered towel, it is part of the Ukrainian soul. Representatives of the BF are convinced that the holiday rallied people in difficult times and gave impetus to creative growth.

The festival left a sweet smile and smiles on their faces. After all, everyone received a reward for their efforts, a portion of a positive mood and an awareness that Ukrainians keep their roots, the memory of which grows stronger thanks to good deeds.null
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