His creativity will live forever: in Khmelnitsky the superfinal of competition of them. Nicholas Brain

His songs are mesmerizing and appealing to every listener. Mykola Mozgovy is a prominent Ukrainian singer, composer and national artist of Ukraine. In addition, Nikolai Petrovich is our countryman, he was born in Volochysk. His creations include Day, My First Love, Land, My Native Land, and more than a dozen songs that have conquered everyone. However, in 2010, the legendary artist’s life was cut short. And although the artist is no longer with us, his work continues to live. In particular, in the memory of the singer, the Khmelnytsky Regional Scientific and Methodological Center organized a competition “Play, my music”. And here in the Staritsky Theater there was a superfinal.

The talents were evaluated by a competent jury. Immediately after the contestants’ performance, they announced the scores to each participant. It is noteworthy that the scores were still quite generous. It is not surprising, because the children performed songs of Nikolai Petrovich with enthusiasm, trembling and understanding. Talking to members of the jury, let’s find out, most of them were personally acquainted with Brain. And about the outstanding singer – only warm memories.

The children themselves are very happy to perform songs of Nikolai Petrovich. They say that his creativity is something that will be eternal. They have known themselves from a young age and believe, years will pass, and they will sing these songs and their little ones.

The fight for the championship was fierce: all the participants were quite strong vocalists and the jury had a difficult time, because it was necessary to choose the best of the best! They were awarded with diplomas and cups for participation, were winners in different categories, and the best one received a grand prize of 15 thousand hryvnias. But all this could not happen without benefactors, who are sure that Ukrainian art should be developed and young talents should be supported in every possible way. One of them was the Kolgofer Family Charitable Foundation, which provided valuable gifts for the winners.

It was not the last. The regional competition-festival named after Mykola Mozgovy is over, but the organizers are already planning a tour of the region with all the super finalists. Thus, all Khmelnytsky region will know that our region has many talents and, of course, perpetuates the memory of the famous singer Mykola Mozgovy.


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