Finishing of the Maze of Values: closing of the exhibition by Alexander Dubovik

So 3 months ago, Alexander Dubovyk presented the opening of his exhibition “The Maze of Values”. The 38 canvases that artfully combined seemingly different styles such as Suprematism, Late Cubism, Geometric Abstraction and Domestic Iconography. During this time, thousands of art connoisseurs have attracted the attention of the artist’s world name and unique handwriting. On January 31, the solemn fine soot of the exhibition took place.
Now the paintings are leaving the walls of the Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum. However, as noted during the event, not all. The artist generously donated 2 paintings, and another was purchased at the expense of the regional budget. From now on, they will be stored in the funds of the institution.
In the museum, it is noted, that the fining as a phenomenon in Khmelnitsky happened for the first time. Thus, they wanted to remind the locals once again that high art is invaluable, able to inspire and discover the finest features of human essence.
However, who knows whether the Maze of Values would actually visit our city if it were not for the support of philanthropists. Once again indifferent to the artistic life was the charitable organization “Kolgofer Family Foundation”.
Art is another gateway to the human soul. So stay tuned and enjoy the beautiful more often.

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