Hrushkivtsi Village Day: how they develop after the formation of OTGs and how they have fun

Traditional Ukrainian songs, toddler entertainment, delicious soup and fun at a local club. All this testifies to one thing – Village Day is here. This weekend marked their 225th birthday in Hrushkivtsi, Letychiv district.

The tradition of celebrating the holiday was restored only 5 years ago, and not for nothing! After all, there is now a compelling reason to go back to your native land again, to visit your parents, grandparents. The natives of the village on the penultimate Sunday of July are coming from everywhere – from the region, the capital, and even from other countries.

It is said that the village has been in the united territorial community for 3 years. Much has been done during this time, but they do not stop there.

However, community development would be incomplete without the support and assistance of philanthropists, who do not forget about the residents of Hrushkivtsi. Thus, the charitable organization “Kolgofer Family Foundation” during this time provided kindergartens of two villages with furniture, as well as donated materials for repairs. Also, they are regular guests of any holiday.

The population of the village is about 600 people, and almost everyone is convinced that it is necessary to develop the native village. Families with 5 or more children and their mothers are real heroines in the cohort of these people. It was on this solemn day that the representatives of the Kolgofer Foundation charity were presented with gifts.

People thank the benefactors, because they are convinced that as long as they are remembered, our country can grow and become better day by day.

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