Fair, delicious meals, concert and respectable guests: City Day celebrated in Medzhybozh

Festive fair, delicious meals, a great concert and respectable guests, and not only from Ukraine – the City Day was celebrated in Medzhybozh.


From the first mention of this historic countryside and its picturesque landscapes, 872 years passed. Such an event is a great holiday for every local resident. Attended the celebration or not from the whole territory of the united community. Medzhybizh OTG has 12 settlements under its wing – and they are all here today. Uniting not only territorially, but also soul, together walk for the holidays.


The people have something to be proud of – at least their talents. They were all happy with the guests. Sing songs, danced and played. All efforts to ignite the festive spirit – and they succeeded.


Tired of working, every day working on the farm, today they rejoice and have a rest. They say they were still celebrating, but in such a scope, as in recent years, they are not remembered in this area.


Decentralization is the key to success. It was with the association of communities that people saw changes. The funds spent on their own activities, and they learn themselves, because in the field they know better how to dispose of them, what to spend and what to do. With the adoption of the reform, not only began to relax, but also in the daily life felt the result.


Especially pleases the eye of people with a resting place. The square is still in the process of construction, but no longer leaves anyone indifferent. Planted trees, established benches, gazebos and most importantly – a fountain. With the advent of reform and a sense of what can really be changed, people themselves are determined to work – everything in order to make life better. Yes, even a watergirl mastered by his own hands.


There is where to walk. The event is organized for people. For the smallest – a swing, a trampoline, a carousel. And yet – a fair with souvenirs, but the most popular still use dishes that are to everyone’s taste.


Could not pass this event and guests. In order to congratulate the community and present presents, the representatives of the Charitable Foundation “Kolmogaler family” came to visit. They know here: philanthropists help the people and visit their holidays to rejoice local residents with presentations, goodies and good mood. So this time – no surprises were not enough. For the kid brought a mountain of ice cream, it was handed to all those wishing for free. They also noted a valuable gift and local mummy heroines.


Visitors also visited the event from China. The company that won the tender for repairing the M12, which runs through the territory of the OTG, could not miss this holiday. It is said that in Ukraine it is not the first time, and simply fascinated by the beauty of nature and the sincerity of the people.


The joy in the eyes and true emotions are what you want to see on the face of such an industrious people like this one. And thanks to the support and understanding of those who are not indifferent and the desire of people to change their lives for the better – the country is thriving and confident steps are taking place to meet the flowering future of Ukraine.

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