About the fund

Unite in one  family to fill life of neighbor  with light and love “


Charitable Organization “Kolgofer Family Fund” was founded in 2012.


Even before starting  charity organization  Kolhofer family for many years worked to support  well-being of people. Dreams of many people were realized  – both adults and young podolians. Over the years a great team of people with the same vision – friends and partners – was formed,  now they are united in a large family – a Charitable Organization “Kolgofer Family Fund”


Together we can make life of podolians better.  By supporting  those who really need it, taking care of the spiritual heritage of our Podilia, cooperating with Ukrainian and international funds, we will continue to develop the potential of our children and youth to work for the betterment of socially unprotected  people, invalids,  veterans.


Kolgofer Family Fund created to help resolve the problems of Khmelnitsky city And Khmelnitsky region  citizens. We are united in a strong  family to make our neighbors life better, and the world – kinder; to teach children to respect their parents, and parents – to believe in a happy future.


We are open for communication  and always welcome new friends and partners, who are not indifferent to the podolians future and ready to help a neighbor.

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