The right to use everyone: Khmelnytskyi operates a Secondary Benefit Office


From September  1, 2016, 432 legal aid offices started their work in Ukraine, including 17 of them opened their doors in Khmelnytskyi region.


The first challenge facing such centers is the protection of human rights by ensuring equal access to legal information and justice. This is the basis that will help citizens to be aware of their rights and know how to protect them.


Since the beginning of its operation, citizens of different categories, including those who need it most, are entitled to secondary legal aid – they are low-income families and people with special needs.


It was also about veterans, war invalids, soldiers serving in the East, settlers and people who have special merits before their homeland.


For greater efficiency and better informing the population, the Charitable Foundation Kolmogaler Family Foundation, together with the Khmelnytsky local center for providing free legal aid, organizes trips to rayon centers and villages.


One of these was the visit to the Starosinavsky Bureau, which has the lowest number of appeals in the system.


During the office’s work, the indicators of this settlement have improved considerably: with more appeals the trust of lawyers has also increased.


Most local bureaus have heard and its expediency in its area is not in doubt, they say: such centers are very needed.


So, if you need, do not be afraid to ask for help, especially when real professionals are ready to give it to you without delay.

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