Lysohirka Celebrates 243rd Birthday Together with the Charity Fund of Kolgofer’s Family

Delicious kulish and fish soup are being cooked in the yard, the community is dressed in fancy embroidered shirts going straight to the village club. On the faces – smiles, in the soul – the joy of meeting, because now the entire village Lysohirka celebrates its 243rd birthday.

Every village resident can listen to and sing songs as well as, what is the most important, band together in the big family on this day. The elder of the village says: life in this region originated even earlier but people lived on separate settlements. Ancestors named a small fatherland because of a peculiar landscape.

In 2015, the village began its new way of establishment and development, as it entered the Medzhybizh united territorial community. On this festive day, the head of the UTC also visited Lysohirka to congratulate and assure that all together we can develop and achieve better.

As in most Ukrainian villages, due to the fall in underground water levels, there were numerous problems connected to water. Therefore, water supply is one of the priority tasks, although it is quite volume.

It is possible and necessary to love the village and live in it because only its residents will be able to develop their own land. However, Emilia Tadeushivna says: she often feels support from outside. She assures that it is invaluable, inspiring and gives a significant impetus to the development of a small community.

The charity organization of Kolgofer’s family also visited the celebration. By the way, this is not for the first time. They brought delicacies for everyone, and also supported community financially. They respond to each invitation, because, convinced, only dialogue and mutual support will be the driving force in any business.

Residents are always looking forward to benefactors and, of course, their presents. It is noted that such attention is very valuable and pleasant.

Philanthropists say: such sincere and genuine gratitude once again proves that all they do is valuable and useful. That’s why with such moderate but confident steps they will move further, so that each village of Khmelnytskyi region feels desirable and develops. And together with them the whole Ukraine!


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