Representatives of the beautiful sex presented a holiday in Starokonstantinovsky club “Nadvechirya”

A woman from a long time ago was a guardian, a nurse, a beloved and mother. She protected her house and children. Cared for the present and planned the future. For men, a woman is a muse, inspiration, passion, meaning of life. At all times, the lower half of humanity devoted poems, songs, romances and poems, fought for their attachment and heart. Today, in the continuation of the spring women’s holiday to honor the representatives of the beautiful sex decided in the Starokonstantinovsky club “Supper”, which, by the way, very soon becomes 11 years old. The role of a woman in the modern world is difficult to underestimate, because her fragile shoulders sometimes experience considerable trials, which overcome with pride and invaluable power. Among the members of the club and invited guests, there are also a lot of women who have been honored with honored citizens, national teachers, doctors, mothers-heroines and just extraordinary ladies who have a great life experience, women’s wisdom and a good heart for their lives. On this day as and taken on the occasion of the spring holiday, the charming half of the club was greeted with beautiful words, songs and poetry lines. There was no love for women and without attention of those who always and with all their power trying to make their life brighter and to extend the helping hand in difficult moments line. Therefore, traditionally and not empty-handedly, in order to congratulate dear women, the charity “Fund of the Kolmogaler family” also participated in the Staroclustynin Spring Festival. The guests of the club and invited guests enjoyed the beautiful evening for a long time in a pleasant circle – with songs and dances, giving one One positive emotions that will be remembered for a long time.

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