Non-formal education as an opportunity for personal development and a tool for communication

As a representative of the Colgofer Family Foundation, I participated in the All-Ukrainian Youth Forum “Career talks 3.0: Skills for Success”. On completion, I can say without a doubt that this two-day intensive course has become the most useful and interesting. Guides with practical advice from people who are knowledgeable in their business and, importantly, get kidded by what they do; motivating the success stories of young people who, despite their lack of experience, have gained positions in international companies; Lecture on the importance of volunteering to gain experience as an individual and its relevance to the community (because the high level of community activity in a large number of volunteer hours is able not only to establish internal communication in the country, to help those in need, but also to strengthen state economy) and practical cases that need creative solutions and rapid response – all this enhances existing skills and develops the new skills needed in today’s global world to work effectively you’re on the team. Organizers (All-Ukrainian Youth Center, Ministry of Youth and Sports with Business Support) and participants (inspired and purposeful people from all over the country) are the ones with whom you can and should change Ukraine for the better; not to seek a better destiny abroad, but to create it in our home country. “Career talks 3.0: Skills for success” is about people and for people. 

Bogdana Sadomska

Representative BO “Kolgofer Family Foundation”

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