Day of the village of Grechinci: with songs, dances and tales for all without exception

Such songs, dances and scenes celebrated the holiday of their native place residents of the village Grechyntsi Letichevsky district. Under the walls of the local club, almost the entire community gathered, which, during the whole action, watched with enthusiasm everything that was happening on the stage.


As we are told, such holidays have already become a good tradition, so every year they try to surprise viewers with something new. The performances are joined by both experienced artists and younger ones.


In addition to songs and dances, the celebration of the celebration was marked by the work of almost all inhabitants. Gifts and thanksgiving were given to both the old residents of the village and its current working mechanism.


Do not forget to mention the recent achievements of the community. Already arranged the territory near the cemetery, the institutions of the village carried out major repairs and built sports grounds for the children. Much has been done, but plans for the future are not diminishing.


Mrs. Elena tells her emotions. A woman came from this locality, got education here and worked, but now, in the course of more than 20 years, the first time goes to his native land. Recognized, it’s nice to see how the village and its people are changing.


Having looked at interesting numbers, some crying and laughing at their hearts, the viewers share their feelings.


To visit the festive mood and share the festive mood together with the local population came and guests. The charity organization Kolmogaler Family Foundation has been once again involved, so this time it was visited with a useful gift and a delicious presentation for the holiday.


Happy on the positive side and on the chance to see the old acquaintances, the locals quietly disperse in their own homes, believing that the holiday will be even more grandiose next year, and the native village will blossom with even greater force through the fruitful cooperation of the benefactors and the community.

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