The traditions of the past were revived in Starokostiantyniv

The festival ground is located on the waterfront. There are also attractions and exhibitions of hand-made food and open-air cuisine. However, the official start was a solemn procession, led by Cossacks on horseback.

This is already the 5th festival. And every year, it is scaling up. This time folk groups from 9 regions of Ukraine came here.

The festival is dedicated to the Kupala holidays. And what about Kupala without fire and whiskers? Ancient traditions have brought all guests back into the past, rich in culture and customs.

It takes a lot of effort to organize the festival. After all, there are several hundred people among the participants. Therefore, the desire for cultural development was facilitated by philanthropists.

The teams themselves can boast of both experience and achievements. Even invited folk artists of Ukraine from Kharkiv region are invited.

Behind the stage is the famous Ostrozhsky Palace. And next to it the historical atmosphere before the performance is inspired by the teams.

And the Vinnytsia guests came with the ancient Ukrainian instrument – lira. It was the kind of kobzars that once played.

Thanks to those who responded to the invitation and came to share their work. Talented people were also honored with gifts in memory of the festival.

Many local bands celebrate Ukrainian song abroad as well. However, they are divided: they are warmly accepted in their native land. Especially when the houses of culture in Khmelnytskyi bring patrons back to life.

The teamwork, creative spirit and inspiration of the participants made their case. The festival is large-scale and hospitable. A Ukrainian song is being thrown down the waterfront and unwittingly brings it back. And the children’s smiles and achievements of the teams become the key to believing in a good future.

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