“Spring song is comming, birds from south are leaving”: whole Ryszichanka village cellebrated International birds day

The “fathers” of this holiday can rightly be proud of their offspring. The organizers of the event – Khmelnytsky Oblast Scientific and Methodological Center for Culture and Arts – devoted a large-scale event to the International Bird Day, the Day of the Environment and Earth. It is spent already fifth. The purpose was armed with enormous: not only to preserve customs and traditions, but also to raise the ecological culture of the children and teach them to treat nature with care.

The community gathered at the stadium near the local water reservoir and welcomed the participants. Honorary guests of the holiday congratulated everyone, wished a good mood, and participants of victories.

The head of the rayon state administration, Lesya Komend, noted the importance of attending the holidays to young people, which is the future of Ukraine, because the children will revive Ukrainian culture, develop it and pass it on to the next generation.

The guests of the holiday met with freckles and hammans, drove round dances and watched ceremonial games. We, along with grateful spectators, enjoyed Ukrainian folk songs and dances, which were shown by artistic groups.

In the framework of the folk folk action “Vesnyanychka is going, the birds of my life”, a competition was held in five nominations: a poster, a picture, decorative nests, a ritual baking, environmental good deeds. Everyone who came to the feast enjoyed cookies, and in the meantime the child was having fun and riding on horses. And the benefactors wanted family welfare and gave gifts.

Our native Khmelnytsky Region is famous not only for its cities and villages, but also for hardworking and talented people. Each settlement has its own history, often heroic, sometimes narrated by legends. Years pass – we step by step, but always return to the origins of the past. The history of his land, his manners and traditions need to be preserved, as the pupil of the eye.

It is a great deal to come to our liking today. Before the spring holiday in Ruzhychanka prepared in advance, but so that the program was interesting and rich, for the small inhabitant, and for the squirrel.

According to the ideas of our ancestors, on the spring day, flooded forty different birds of the deciduous. This is, first of all, the bulletin of spring, joy and, in general, the sun. The bird first visits the sky, and then carries people the fun of him. In our culture, feathers are also considered symbols of peace and freedom. The feast has really succeeded and will not be forgotten soon. And we still have to respect and love our beautiful land, admire it and admire its wonderful creations.


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