When the string touches the string: young violinists from all over Ukraine took part in the “Pro-Art 2018”


Instrument by Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolo Paganini. The violin is so mysterious and charming. She easily transmits sadness and despair, and for several notes she can lift up to heaven. This year, the young violinists of Ukraine took part in the grand music festival “Pro-Art 2018” held in Khmelnytsky regional philharmonic society.


The festival lasted from April 30 to May 4 and gathered about fifty young violinists. The musicians represented different areas – arrived from Lviv, Odesa, Sivorodonetsk, Kramatorsk, Kharkiv, Kiev, and Kherson. The performances ended in several tours. Of course, they played solo, but one of the highlights was the unique experience of playing with the symphony orchestra of Khmelnitsky Philharmonic.


By the way, winners of the first prize receive a unique chance to travel with a tour to Switzerland, which will include full security and fees. Others received cash awards – from 2 to 10 thousand UAH. in each of the categories. Also, some young talents will be invited to the summer art academies to the city of Lion.


The competition can be called international by right, because the jury is also a well-known and recognized musician from Chile, Switzerland, Poland and Ukraine. They say the level is impressive.


However, youth admit, in their dreams – to go to study and play abroad. Yak Chalak, one of the members of the jury, at one time left Poland. And now I am happy to take part in projects for talented youth, so that I would continue to develop art at home.


Such festivals and competitions are another stimulus not only for the development of creativity, but also as a reminder to young musicians that they are needed here in Ukraine. And this becomes possible only thanks to those who are indifferent to the future of our art.


The Charitable Foundation Kolmogaler Family Foundation supports the event not the first year and is not going to leave this noble cause. After all, “Pro-Art” in Khmelnitsky has a unique style – the triennial, when 1 tool is presented once every 3 years. Last year it was a cello, in the next they plan a piano.


True art can create miracles, but true good is able to change the world. We look forward to “Pro-Art-2019”!

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