We are all from childhood !

Everything for the kids on their day. This holiday – bright and dynamic – was held for the children on June 1, the International Children’s Day in the “Planet”. The organizers of the holiday, and this “Kolmogaler family fund”, the management of the cinema and management of social protection, most of all wanted to arrange a family holiday for many families.

From the very morning, the youngest towns begin to celebrate. And adults in the meantime add emotions to memories. Today they are giving birth, daughters and sons for watching the cartoon.

On the first summer and very sunny day in the walls of the “Planets” children’s laughter is heard. In the cinema’s lobby there are apparently invisible children. Everybody is impatiently waiting for the advent of Richard’s sparrow on the big screen. On this day, two hundred children from many families will watch the cartoon “Bird Haven”.

The joy of the children and the adult was presented by the charity organization “Fund of the Motherland Kolmogaler”. On this day, co-organizers of the holiday gave two hundred children not only free tickets, but a huge sweet gift.

In Slovan Voronetsky, the head of urban social protection, their three, and many children – more than a thousand. We are told – there are no other children. On June 1, he and the team wanted to arrange a real children’s holiday, which will not be forgotten.

The efforts of adults were not in vain. The cinema was followed by whole families. There were not only mummies but also dads.

Children’s Day in Planet has become a real family holiday. In the walls of the cinema, a relaxed atmosphere prevailed, and the cartoon liked everyone – both the smallest and the adults. The organizers say: the family is the most valuable thing to do with each of us. Whilst children’s laughter is heard in the home, there is still a future in our country. Of course, we live in difficult times. But childhood can not be stopped and delayed.

“Fund of the Motherland Kolmogaler” is not accidentally called for the holiday of many children. After all, philanthropists support this very format of holidays – a family holiday for children with their parents, grandparents and grandparents. After all, those minutes, when they are going together, give strength and inspiration to further accomplishments.

Meanwhile, the children are happy with the exit from the hut, where everyone is waiting for a delicious cake. As soon as they looked at the true tale of a sparrow that was adopted by storks.

International Children’s Day is a holiday with a wide geography. All children are waiting for him – no matter where he lives. The benefactors came with gifts to Starokostyantinov. Here they were also waiting for them. The children showed the cinema, and then all together, a friendly family, tasted a sweet giant.

Childhood has a sweet taste. The charity organization Kolmogaler family funded this day to ensure that the old Staroshenko did not forget the simple truth – all of us from childhood.

Charity Foundation The Home of Collofer Foundation wants our children to be happy, successful and fun. That they had a real, fabulous and colorful childhood. They deserve it.

And finally we want to protect our “inner child”. The very one who can sincerely be amazed, interested in, empathy and feelings – sincerely, without a cut.

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