Free legal aid for everyone: professional counseling – even in remote areas

As assured us, such assistance is available for absolutely everyone. Over 2 years of fruitful work the organization managed to turn over more than 30 thousand citizens, most of whom needed consultation and legal clarification.


In addition, the bureau provides access to unpaid secondary care, which is to provide a lawyer for representing interests in courts and other public authorities to individuals and legal entities.


Not only residents of big cities, but also residents of more than 8 districts of the Khmelnytsky region have the opportunity to obtain primary and secondary legal assistance.


The director of Khmelnytsky Center emphasizes: creation of such offices was absolutely justified.


For example, the already mentioned Letychiv bureau ranks among the best positions in the system in terms of indicators. Nelya Nikolaevna, who heads the structure, says that during his work about 1700 people turned to help.


Issues with which people turn to professionals, for the most part, are of a civil nature. One of the visitors was Vasyl Ivanovich, a resident of one of the neighboring villages of Leticia. She says she could not solve her own problems, and did not know at all whom to turn to.


Though the local bureaus themselves know, for the most part, the stories of friends, in the opinion of the appropriateness of such a structure in their area – are unanimous.


In addition to counseling people who come to the reception, the Bureau of Legal Aid also provides outreach counseling at boarding schools, hospitals, orphanages and other institutions that require support.


So, it’s worth remembering that besides having our rights, it is also important to know how to protect them. That is why the “Legal Aid Office” is always open to each of us.

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