As in Yaroslavl, the entire village of Kupala was celebrated

As soon as the sun was hidden behind the horizon, almost all the inhabitants of the village gathered on the lawn near the river. Yaroslavl, in order to celebrate Kupala night.

From generation to generation. Beliefs in their native village were told here to their children, they tell their grandsons, and they will learn to adhere to Ukrainian traditions and great-grandchildren.

If for some, Ivan Kupala has a traditional character, then for some of the “grandmother fairy tales”, for the first time, he grew into a present, still unprecedented hitherto.

The celebration, which unites the people, was prepared by the whole village. Every resident from the youngest to the oldest has brought a particle of his own soul to a common good deed.

That the village lived and not only abundant fields. Yaroslavl is rich in young talents who seek to realize. The benefactors contribute to the cultural development.

Tired of hard work and happy that the native land became a big, strong family, the residents of Yaroslavl with special enthusiasm applauded and chanted talented youth.

They danced, sang and were preparing to taste their ears. It seemed that everyone here resigned holy to the full, forgetting about all the worries. This night, the Kupala fire burned both on the lawn and in the hearts. The mystical spirit of the holiday of Ivan Kupala in Yaroslavl reigned in the morning, not tired of the peasants for a moment.

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