Songs, dances and gifts – day of the village of Yaroslavl from the Charitable Foundation “Kolgofer family”

The history of the birth of Yaroslavl is covered with fogs. The first mention of the village is still not possible to find. Nevertheless, facts follow from which the impression of the past of this region emerges.

The day for the celebration was also chosen not badly. According to the ancient Ukrainian tradition, the village is associated with the church, which every Sunday calls people for worship.

Songs, dances, Ukrainian folk motifs, humorist and even theatrical scenes. It unfolded a whole fascination of joys and exaltation. All of them – from the smallest to the gray-eyed ones – could try themselves as artists. Their skills were demonstrated by the children from the village garden, talented schoolchildren and the newly created creative group Kalina. The main thing is that what happened there is echoed in the hearts and souls of everyone who came to the celebration.

It’s a celebration as proof of itself – the village is alive and thriving, it is not going to take positions and goes only ahead, to a better future. Currently, up to 500 people live in Yaroslavl, and, fortunately, families are formed and a new generation is growing.

Congratulations to the residents of Yaroslavl on this wonderful date also came to the respectable guests. Among them is the representative of the charity organization Kolmogaler Family Foundation.

The guests did not come empty-handed – the development of the village provided financial support, and everyone and everyone have traditionally been treated sweet.

By the way, this is far from the first arrival of philanthropists to the community. They are here, we can say, frequent, and most importantly – desirable guests.

This once again proves that joint efforts and unity can be brought up and brought up by any community. The village lives, and this is perhaps the greatest achievement not only for the Medzhybizh united territorial community, not only for Khmelnytskyi region, but also for the whole of Ukraine. Yaroslavl is a worthy example for others. So happy to congratulate Yaroslavschan on the Day of the Village. We wish prosperity, well-being, success and development.

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