Ukrainian and Swiss artists exchanged experiences in Khmelnytsky

The Swiss-Ukrainian master class for those who hold in their hands, it would seem, a magic wand – for conductors from our homeland and distant lands – started in the walls of the Khmelnitsky Regional Philharmonic.

Young Swiss and Ukrainian virtuosos who have taken part in the master class have the opportunity to see the perfect approach of famous masters to the cause of their lives, listen to the correct remarks that will help improve their own skills, and, most importantly, students can work with a true orchestra, which You can not do this while studying at the university.

Masters of the world level on the stage of the regional philharmonic society. But all this could not have happened, if not for the support of indifferent people.

To sound the strings of the soul. Philanthropists are not the first to engage in world-class artistic events.

Art is the treasure of the soul. Developing the inner world is just as important as the body. Upon completion of the master course, the world’s professors and students, together with the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Khmelnitsky Regional Philharmonic, will treat the Hmelnitsians with the works of the most famous masters of the world on Friday evening. You have to see it.

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