Free legal support helps find ways to solve the legal problems of peasants

In particular, the other day, the benefactors, along with representatives of the center of free legal aid, went to Vinkovetsky district, in the village Pokutintsy. On the advice of the village council, citizens who had a lot of questions got on. The main of them – the registration of inheritance, divorce, pension reform.

Valentina Mikhailovna is a teacher. She worked at school for 38 years. But because of the lack of students in the classroom, I had to go to a well-deserved rest before. However, the money received by a woman is not enough for living. Therefore, Mrs. Valentina decided to learn from the lawyers whether there is a chance to receive more.

The Vinkovetsky bureau of free legal aid provides primary and secondary legal support. According to the head of the center, a lot of people are turning here, and she told me, with what questions – more often.

Mr. Anatoliy notes that legal support is provided to the peasants at all times. Usually, difficulties arise with land issues, pensions, and family disputes.

Hryhoriy Ivanovich said in the future, they will continue to develop the Khmelnytsky local center of free legal aid and cooperate with the Charitable Fund of the Kolmogaler family.

During departure, lawyers and benefactors managed to assist many citizens, as well as improve their business and friendship. And it is extremely important that this legal support still helps to find ways to solve legal problems and does not leave the peasants alone with the issues that concern them.

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