As in Rusanovtsi Village Day was celebrated

Scented kebab, bushy ears, potatoes with crust, a variety of desserts – all that your heart desires. Such events are arranged here 4 times a year, so that the peasants can get away from everyday life, socialize and just relax.

Only ahead. Rusanovtsi is developing thanks to the money they receive from renting their land and with the support of entrepreneurs and charitable organizations. They listen to all the peasants’ requests. Yes, today the village is already lit in the dark and the roads are covered with rubble. The village elder tells us that they will not stop there, because there are many plans for the future.

Not only locals came to the celebration. Old-timers from nearby villages also arrived to see how the Rusanovs changed.

The guests were also welcomed by volunteers who have repeatedly contributed to the development of the village – the “Kolgofer Family Charitable Foundation”, from which the Rusanivtsi received another generous gift at the holiday – for further improvement.

A local attraction is the small Church of Christ, one of the oldest in Khmelnytskyi. It was moved and rebuilt more than once, but now it is a spiritual sanctuary for the peasants. The residents are very proud of this, and the village itself continues to improve and believe that it will only get better.

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