Social Projects Competition

“The first steps on the path to sustainable development of local communities united again”

Charitable organization “Family Foundation Kolgofer” holds a competition of social projects “First steps towards sustainable development of the newly integrated territorial communities” to receive mini-grants to public organizations and initiative groups, whose activities extend to the territory and Medzhybizh Letychiv integrated territorial communities.

Objective: To contribute to the sustainable development of the local community through the establishment of cooperation between the public and the government in the implementation of socially oriented initiatives.

Contestants: public organizations or initiative groups, which operate on the territory of Medzhybizh and / or Letychiv integrated territorial communities (Khmelnytsky region, Letichevsky district).

Areas of projects to be supported in the framework of the competition:

            1. Culture

· Ukrainian festival;

· Competition for the development of children’s talents and abilities;

· Your idea in the framework of directions.

            2. Tourism

· Creating a pedestrian or cycle route, vehicular;

· Promotion of local architectural monuments, cultural heritage, natural wonders;

· Your idea in the framework of directions.

            3. Ecology

· Public awareness on energy saving and energy efficiency;

· Dispose of waste by introducing sorting population;

· Environmental education of the population on issues of sustainable development and energy efficiency;

· Your idea in the framework of directions.

            4. Own initiative

 Own ideas within the mainstream – the creation of promoting sustainable development of local communities.

Criteria for assessing the quality of the project:

      the project should be relevant and aimed at improving the social status of the residents of the local community;
      the project should be aimed at establishing cooperation with the public authorities, the local community;
      the project must relate to one of the above areas and help in solving specific problems of the local community;
      local communities should be involved to participate in the project;
      on the implementation of the project should be located in the local media.

Project implementation period: September – December 2016;

Reporting: the completion of the project, but not later than January 15, 2017 you must send a substantive report on the essence of the project and a financial report on the use of grant funds (description of activities, number of involved persons and the number / category of target audience of persons, photographs, video events, copies of messages printed to local media reports, copies of financial documents, etc.).

The maximum size of a mini-grant – up to 10 000 hryvnia (funds available under the agreed plan funding in the order of execution of project activities).

Not paid: wages project implementers; purchase of office equipment and operating equipment, maintenance of premises and equipment.

All operations of the grant must be in non-cash form.

The results will be announced before September 5, 2016. The winners will be signed the relevant agreements.

To enter the competition you must:

Send the completed application form to the e-mail. Facility address: until 30 August 2016. Note: The form must contain a detailed estimate of the project (in any form).

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